Custom Coupons

Let’s be honest about it – everyone loves a bargain, and one of the most popular ways to make a customer happy is to offer him or her a coupon. Now of course you don’t want to get into that trap of having a business that only relies upon coupon waving customers. And that is the problem with most traditional advertising. You put an ad in the local paper or participate in those “Valu-Pak” coupon mailers and then suddenly every table is filled with buy one get one free customers. Your tables are full but certainly not as profitable as they can be if you have a good mix of full paying customers and those there with targeted offers as members of your eClub. Wouldn’t it be much better for your business if instead of giving away a free meal that instead your member got a free dessert as then you have for a couple both parties paying full price, one member gets a free dessert, and the other doesn’t want to be left out so she also orders dessert. Everybody’s happy! You get my idea. Think of how targeted couponing within your eClub program can help bring more loyal customers to your specific type of business.

Here is a sample coupon:




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