eClub Custom eMail Design

Now that you have a base of customers that have signed up to become members of your eClub program it is very important that what you provide to them is worthy of representing your company in a favorable light and that your customer will actually look forward to receiving your email campaigns on a regular basis. Again our talented graphic designers will work with you to achieve that goal. They will discuss with you your ideas for each individual campaign so that what is sent to your customer complements your company’s existing traditional advertising and provides them with an incentive for reading your message. This may be in the form of a printable coupon such as dollar off, percentage off, or buy 1 get 1 free. Maybe you want to tell them about your new showroom, your new menu, or a new product line. Possibly you want to highlight the story of the employee of the month, provide the schedule for the upcoming entertainment in your lounge, or announce the winners of the contest from the previous month’s campaign. Real Estate agents can highlight the home of the month. College admissions departments can gather email addresses of prospective students and then each month highlight a different department or campus building. The ideas are only limited by your ideas and imagination.

Here are examples of some previous successful campaigns:




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