eClub Registration Cards

The key to the success of launching your eClub marketing program is making it fast and easy for your customers to sign up. The first aspect of your program that your customer will probably see is your registration card. That is why our professional graphic designers will custom design a registration card special for your business (not a template). We have found that the less information you request for your company to fill in the more likely she will want to join your eClub.

The most popular fields that our client’s eClub registration cards contain are:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

We can capture and track any additional fields that you feel would be important to your marketing efforts.

In addition, we will design a link to add to your web site so that new members can join online.

How are new eClub members added to your database?

We offer you two options for adding new members:

1. Do it yourself

As you collect new eClub registration cards you will key them into a comma delimited file and email it to us or send it to us on a CD. We will then upload this info for you. There is no charge for this service.

2. Let us do it

You gather up the completed paper eClub registration cards and mail them to us
on a regular basis (typically weekly). We will do all of the keying of your
customer’s info. The charge for this service is 25 cents per new member.

Here are a couple of examples of registration cards that are being used:

Card Fronts
Card Backs



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