You own a great business. After all you’ve devoted your heart and soul to make sure that your business is successful. You often start work before the sun comes up and finally arrive home long after the kids have gone to bed. This hard work has really paid off as you get wonderful reviews and your customers really love your food, your products, or your services.

Yet there is always a need for improvement and to develop more repeat business. Your restaurant is packed on the weekends but on weekdays the dining rooms are a little too quiet. Possibly you own a retail store that does great business near the holidays but just okay during the non-eventful months.

You are pulled in many directions from advertising reps or marketing people telling you to spend your limited advertising dollars on the usual mediums – newspaper ads, coupon packs, and direct mail. All of these might be effective in bringing you some new customers, but all are very expensive, have a short payback period, and are extremely difficult to measure in terms of effectiveness.

This is where Promo King can truly help jumpstart your business or continue to have it flourish. Through our talented team of marketing professionals we have designed a great comprehensive program to bring your customers back to your business more frequently than using any other traditional method of advertising and at a much lower cost. Then we back up this claim with meaningful reports detailing the effectiveness of our efforts.

What we offer your business is custom design, create, promote, and manage what is called permission-based email marketing campaigns. The keyword here is permission-based as every single one of your customers that receives the information that we create for you has personally requested that they want to receive it. This is not SPAM. I can’t repeat it enough times – this is not SPAM – this is not SPAM – this is not SPAM.

The name that this program usually goes by is eClub or VIP Program. Many large retail stores and restaurants already have been successfully using this type of program for the past couple of years. It is kind of like when electronic plastic gift cards came out in the early 2000’s it was the big guys that started first and after sitting on the sidelines while gift cards began to take off it was then that the independents realized it was time to jump into this successful trend. After all this past holiday season there was an explosion of gift card activity as almost every major retailer reported that their gift card was their largest selling item. We are now at that point of time for permission-based marketing or eClubs.

To give you a short summary of how our program works what happens is that once you sign up a dedicated account manager who you will know by name is assigned to your business and you will explain to him or her what you are looking to accomplish in an email marketing campaign. Then our graphic designer will take your ideas and any graphics you wish to provide and put together a custom (never templated) designed program just for you. First, we will design a full color counter top plastic display piece to let your customers know that they can now join your eClub. The display contains a holder for the custom designed (never templated) registration cards for your customers to fill in with info such as their name, email address, and birthday. In addition, we design custom matching posters for you to hang on your wall or in your window telling about the eClub. Once you put out your displays you will begin to see that customers happily and willingly fill out the registration cards knowing that by doing so they will receive occasional emails with exclusive offerings from you such as free dinner on their birthday, a special discount only for eClub members, or just being among the first to know when one of your special events is about to occur.

As your list of eClub VIP members begins to build our database management team stores this information for you separate from all of our other clients lists. Your customer information is never commingled, sold, rented, or provided to any third party. Your customer list is your customer list – plain, simple, period. And getting back to our famous this is not SPAM saying please be assured that we never include email addresses from outside of your list so don’t be concerned that your special offer is being emailed to some stranger in a third world country you never heard of. Overtime we continue to monitor your list monthly to insure that all email addresses are still valid so your customer list is always fresh and up to date.

During the first month as your eClub member list begins to grow your account executive will be working with you in developing your first custom campaign. A campaign is basically a single custom designed (never templated) full color email that we broadcast to all of your eClub members. You can do as many campaigns that you believe is best for your business. Some clients do one campaign per week, some monthly, and others once per quarter. Then they supplement it with our favorite special email which arrives in your customers’ email box with your business name in the from address wishing them a happy birthday or happy anniversary and offering them a special incentive of your choosing. A campaign will include whatever message you want to convey at that particular time – maybe it is a page describing the new spring flower bulbs you just got in stock, or the chef’s favorite recipe of the month, or the bike for kids event coming up, or the special breakfast with Santa, or the new model Cadillac which is about to arrive in your showroom, or the special Wednesday ladies day oil change discount. The ideas are endless and between your ideas and those of your account executive you will have one successful campaign after another that you will truly be proud to present to your customers.

With each campaign we recommend a special offer just for your eClub VIP members and that is usually in the form of a custom designed coupon (yes – never templated) that your customer can actually click on and print right from their PC. What makes our coupon program unique is that your customer’s name can be automatically printed on their coupon to make it more personal. You will be pleasantly surprised to see almost immediate response as your previous customers return to your store or restaurant with their coupon in hand ready to spend additional money over and above your special offering. As all wise merchants know the best customers are repeat customers – they tend to spend more and they recommend you to their friends. The more repeat loyal customers you have in your customer base the less time and money you have to spend trying to find new ones. I guess the saying, A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush, really was thought up to describe our program!

At this point you are probably thinking that this would be a great program to implement in your business but you are concerned about the cost. Please let me assure you at this point that if you have done any advertising in the past I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at the low pricing which is fully explained on our pricing page.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes looking at the different pages of our website that tells about and gives examples of actual eClub campaigns that we have put together for our clients. If you are then convinced that eClub permission-based email marketing is for you then please feel free to contact Promo King by either completing the I Want More Info form, sending us an Email, or calling Kevin at 215-489-7878.



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