Email List Management

The key to having a viable long-term eClub marketing program is maintaining the integrity of your eClub member list. We have put in place all of the processes to insure that your list is always compliant and current.

First, we’ve developed a very easy process to have your customers enroll in your eClub. Our custom registration cards should take about 15 seconds to complete. They may also register online through a link we provide for your existing website.

Every new member is automatically sent an email welcoming them to the club. This is the first step in determining if the email address that your customer provided is valid. Every address is individually monitored to see if it bounces back as undeliverable.

When the recipient receives their welcome email there will be a link at the bottom that easily gives him or her the ability to unsubscribe. Unlike many spammers, we honor every request to be removed from the database. This is also a good time to mention that every eClub newsletter has the same opt-out link so a member can always chose to leave.

As time goes on email lists tend to grow stale if they are not managed correctly. People change email addresses from time to time, for instance when they change jobs or if they move from AOL to another ISP. For each of your eClub campaigns we will attempt to deliver your message to every individual several times (you are only charged once per campaign) just in case their Internet Service Provider is having email server problems at that particular time and we get an error response. If unsuccessful after several tries over several days we will eliminate that name from your database so that your list is always up to date.

As your member list continues to grow month after month you will be pleasantly surprised to see that it starts to become a collection of those people who have walked through your door over the past months or years basically creating a picture album of who is your customer base. Now you can take this album and divide it into individual snapshots. If you desire we can segment it into different demographics so you can supplement your regular eClub newsletters with targeted offers. How about a special night for all of your members with June birthdays? Or free dinner for everyone with the first name of George (Washington that is) on President’s Day. That would probably get you some airtime on the local news. You come up with creative ideas and your dedicated campaign manager will put it all together for you.

It is also important for us to stress that your eClub member list is your property. It is kept totally separate from every other one of our clients. We do not commingle it with other databases and of course we never ever loan, sell, or rent your customers’ information. Every database is backed up daily so there will never be a catastrophe of your database disappearing which is all to common with do it yourselfers.

The cost for managing your email database is $49.00 per month.



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