Meaningful Reports

You have worked with your campaign manager in developing what you both believe was a great promotional newsletter. It was emailed yesterday morning to all 827 of your current eClub members (at 2 cents per email it only cost you $16.54). Already 15 of your members, most of which you haven’t seen in several months, have come into your business to take advantage of the special offer within your newsletter. This is looking pretty good. Now What!?

With traditional advertising it’s mainly let’s hope more people will show up and then one of these days the “valu-pak” lady will stop by and I’ll write her another $900.00 check to possibly bring in more half price coupon wavers! This just continues to breed a customer’s mentality that I won’t come back until I get another one of those buy 1 get 1 free coupons. Kind of like my personal rule that I will never ever by a 2-liter bottle of soda in a supermarket if the price is more than 99 cents even though I’ll fork out $1.29 in 2 seconds for the same 1-liter bottle at my local convenience store.

With our eClub program “Now What” means that you have the ability to almost immediately evaluate how successful this campaign was or is, possibly tweak it a little or change it completely and send it out again faster than you can say valu-pak ripped me off.

Every business has a different level of interest and expertise in managing their business using reports. In a larger organization they can always assign this duty to the white shirted, pocket protected, dark framed glasses, bean counter who is great at analyzing every last detail. On the flip side maybe you are a one man show, free spirited, Allen Iverson look-alike who doesn’t have much interest at all in looking at graphs, pie charts, and other statistical data. Somehow though, I believe you are probably a combination of the two and depending upon your level of interest your campaign manager who is an expert in analyzing reports (and threw away his pocket protector years ago) will discuss with you in plain terms his findings and feelings following each individual campaign.

We have developed an online reporting system for you that is unmatched in the world of advertising. From past experience we have found that 80% of eClub newsletters we have sent out are actually opened by the member within 48 hours. That is very powerful – 80% of your good customer base will view your message in less than two days. That means that you can start to analyze the whole situation with solid data almost right away. Going further our detailed reporting on your client interface, which you access with a user name and password, gives you the ability to click on every hyperlink within your newsletter and you will instantly see how many, what percentage, and exactly who clicked on that link to read more of your message than just the home page.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know that 21% of your eClub members clicked on the link to read the recipe for your Aunt Sally’s homemade apple pie? Maybe then you could come up with the brilliant idea to have your chef duplicate this recipe, add it to your menu and a week from Thursday invite your eClub members to try a slice for just $1.00 with the coupon in the next newsletter. Now that’s powerful reporting which will lead to more repeat business, more loyal customers, and more $$ in your cash register. Both Aunt Sally and AI would be proud.



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